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King Kong 1024 DMX Controller of Light with CE Certification

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  • Brand name:King Kong
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Product details
  • Brand name:King Kong

King Kong 1024 DMX Controller of Light

1.Genuine King Kong Controller Display

2.<SETUP> Chinese and English display can be switched

3.<SHAPE> 227 Build-in Shape. Easily create shapes

4.With Roller, easy to turn page 

5.Can run 10 playback scenes simultaneous , maximum 60 scenes

6.Adopt imported encoder, accurate to data

7.DMX512 signal output, 3 pin XLR

8.Light library is programmed on the console, its convenient and quick

9.Time mode, setting fade in and fade out time independently

10.Data backup, can be easily upgraded remotely

11. Art-net Port, with build-in Simulator

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